Document Management


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Document Management

Document management can be extremely time-consuming and employees often perceive management systems and storage structures as complex. This also makes the development and introduction of a shared, documented management system more difficult, and creates unnecessary costs in terms of friction when employees cannot find their way through the organisation's shared documentation.

The company's integrated and process-oriented management system and other business information can advantageously be entered into CANEA Docpoint. All development and distribution of documents is quality assured and streamlined whilst at the same time, searching for documents is dramatically simplified. The system manages and structures all types of documents and file formats.

CANEA Docpoint is characterised by an intuitive and modern web interface where all information is easily accessible for all employees. The system has high flexibility which facilitates system support that is entirely adapted to the organisation's needs both now and in the future. All settings and parameters can be managed directly through the application by those who have the right permissions.

CANEA Docpoint is prepared to be integrated and become a natural part of an intranet such as MS SharePoint.

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