Project Portfolio Management



Consultancy services within Project Management

Projects have become a much more common work form. A lot of important work is organised in project form and the results of projects have much more significance. Succeeding with a project is not self-evident. The fact is that many organisations struggle with projects that are delayed, cost more than what was estimated or do not deliver the desired results. EBS has the expertise, experience and tools to help your organisation succeed with your project!

How can we help you with your project?

Over the years we have worked with project management within many different businesses. We have knowledge and understanding of what is required for a correctly functioning project operation. Regardless of how your project operation looks today or what problems you are dealing with, CANEA can help make your project more successful. Together we can make sure that your project is implemented in the best way and has the effect you were hoping for.

To help you in the best way possible we offer a number of different services within the project and project management areas.


Project model and coordination

Each business is unique and each organisation requires its own way of working to create a correctly functioning project operation. To give the project the conditions to succeed requires an adapted project model and effective coordination of the project in the form of portfolio and programme management.

With our experience behind you, we can help you to develop, introduce and improve project models and coordination in your business.

Project Risk

To be able to ensure projects are managed properly, it is important to look at the risk associated with delivering a project on-time and in budget.  We can assist your organisation to set up s risk framework to govern and manage project risks.

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Enterprise  Project Management

CANEA Projects 2012 offers support for all types of projects and for all interested parties in the project operations such as management, resource owners, clients, project managers and project participants. The system is characterised by:

•Comprehensive solution for all types of project operation
•Easy-to-use and intuitive web interface
•Solution built on modern technology
•Based on standards in project management
•Easily configured with an optional project model
•Entirely web-based and easy to introduce

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