Performance Management


Performance - Balanced scorecard

Balanced Scorecard

The Balanced Scorecard has over the past few years established itself as a very good tool to assist managers to measure how they are achieving their strategic objectives. EBS has assisted many organisations to implement the Balanced Scorecard effectively. We have gained our BSC knowledge from various international BSC practitioners, like Brett Knowles and Paul Niven.   Our BSC solution includes training, consulting, as well as the automation of the scorecards using the QPR Metrics Solution.

QPR Balanced Scorecard Solution offers rich strategy mapping, dashboarding, scorecarding, analysis and reporting functionality. It supports automated and manual data aggregation & entry, and offers powerful data consolidation functionality. QPR furthermore adds online collaboration through web forms, allowing users to add context to performance data, such as comments, ideas and documents, and managers to assign tasks while monitoring progress. QPR excels in flexibility and user friendliness, which is characterized by the fact that typically our customers are able to go live within two weeks!

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Performance - PPM

People Performance Management

EBS People Performance Management (PPM) offers your organisation a fast to implement, complete job description, competency tracking, performance and talent management solution that enhances your current Payroll and Human Resources systems. Capable of providing a central repository for Job descriptions, competencies and performance, PPM will assist your managers to quickly intervene through the powerful online collaboration capabilities. PPM also assists your Human Resources department to easily track and manage talent across the organisation.

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Performance 3

Operational Performance

EBS assists organisations to implement appropriate metrics to measure operational performance. We make use of the QPR Solution to assist organizations that wish to upgrade their management-level performance reporting solutions from home-grown Excel-based implementations to a more scalable, user-friendly and easier to maintain business performance improvement solution. QPR will support your effort by allowing you to automate your data collection, consolidation, monitoring and reporting, in setting clear and achievable targets and by engaging employees to actively participate in your organization's business process improvement initiative! The QPR Business Performance Management System offers dashboarding, drill-down, analysis, alerting and reporting functionality that stands out from alternatives by being easier to configure to support specific performance management needs, by offering powerful online collaboration features and by being very fast to implement and deploy.

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Performance - sales tracking

Sales Tracking

We assist organisations to make their sales operations more effective by means of implementing a visible and transparent sales dashboard from sales office down to the sales consultants. Targets are calculated and displayed on a daily basis to inform sales staff of exactly how they are performing according to their sales effort. Sales manger dashboards provides daily information on sales opportunities and allow for early interventions. Incentive calculations are done pro-actively and allows sales staff to view their remuneration on a daily basis. Automated Sales Reporting saves administration time allowing staff to focus on achieving their targets. Product Managers can see how their products are performing providing them with detailed information to adjust their marketing efforts.

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Performance - process metrics

Process Metrics

Process Measurement with QPR Metrics provides your organization with a fast to implement, flexible, web-based performance management solution. QPR Metrics is capable of supporting multiple management standards, methodologies and initiatives and turns your lengthy, resource-intensive performance reporting cycles into an effective real-time performance management program.  

QPR Metrics enhances rich data collection, consolidation, presentation and monitoring features with powerful, online collaboration capabilities. This enables users to add contextual information such as comments and explanations to give managers more than just the numbers to base decisions on. Managers can ensure decisions will be turned into action by assigning tasks and monitoring follow-up!

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Performance - project performance

Project Performance

Regularly monitoring your projects schedule performance and cost performance can provide early indication of project problems. When organisations invents time and money in projects, they always want to ensure that they get the proper return of investment from the projects. It is the project managers responsibility to ensure that the projects stays on target with regard to the schedule and budget. EBS provides solutions that can assist project managers, portfolio managers and programme managers an overview of the performance of projects including risks associated with the projects. Dashboards provides a birds-eye view of the performance of projects on all levels of the organisation. Our solutions also allows managers to link projects to strategic objectives to show the support provided by the project to the achievement of the organisational goals.

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Performance 4

Quality Measurement

The QPR Quality Management System Software helps your organization gain insight in and continually improve the way it operates in pursuit of achieving your corporate objectives and stakeholder requirements. As your employees form the key component in the execution of your Quality Management System. With QPR you provide them with a single, convenient and personal point of access to all their task-related information, and turn your quality initiative from being a hassle into a valuable tool that guides and supports them in their daily activities. The QPR Quality Management System Software helps you to effectively communicate processes, policies, work lists and objectives to every operational level of your organization. You can manage process, unit, team and employee performance as one coherent system in support of your corporate objectives. Most importantly, with the QPR Quality Management System Software you will engage your employees to actively participate by providing them with a convenient online collaboration, incident and non-conformance reporting, and corrective/preventive action management.

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