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Performance Management

Performance Management goes beyond the employees of an organisation. Effective organisations measures their achievement set against the goals of the organisation. However, it is important to align the employee’s performance to the required goals in order to ensure everyone works towards the same objectives.

Executive Business Solutions not only provides consulting services to assist organisations to measure their performance better, EBS also automates the performance solutions provided. This allows managers to spent their time managing the organisation rather than spending time on creating reports. The following list gives an overview of typical Performance Management Services that EBS Provides.

Balanced Scorecard
Strategy Management
Operational Performance
People Performance
Project Performance
Process Performance (Business Activity Monitoring)
Quality Measurement (ISO, EFQM,etc)
Service Level Agreement Monitoring
Business Intelligence
Data Analysis

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Business Process Management

Most organisations need to review their costs on a regular basis and to improve their ways of working to achieve the goals they have for the business. Over the years we have helped a large number of organisations to make their operations more efficient with measurable and lasting results in the form of increased revenues, reduced costs and smoother ways of working. This was accomplished through our experience in implementing proper business processes in organisations. We use a variety of tools and methodologies to accomplish this.

QPR Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Enterprise Architecture (EA) tools offer a rare combination of IT credible and business friendly BPA/EA platform. With QPR you can build a unique structure of hierarchical process models to form your entire process architecture. QPR BPA/EA tools are complemented with a unique process management framework methodology. It helps you solve the challenge of how to manage corporate wide reference processes and their local variations. The framework also covers the topics of process lifecycle management, managing a distributed repository, selecting your modelling notation and of course ensuring commitment.

Typically our customers use QPR products for the following Business Process Analysis / Enterprise Architecture solution areas:

• Operational development
• Business process management (BPM)
• Change management
• Planning
• Quality management
• Risk Management and Compliance

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The best of class processes add no value without proper communication at all sites. Publishing and collaboration is powerful online with web based sharing of process models between sites even through limited network connection. Organizations have extensive visualization opportunities to improve communication to all Stakeholders.

By using CANEA Improof, more effective ways of working are created within the organisation. Time wasting is eliminated and you obtain clear and better control with a more automated procedure. All employees in the organisation can report and handle cases in a very simple way. At the same time, the management, key personnel and line managers can use the system to get an overview, prioritise and monitor operations.

The system's case flow, logic and forms can easily be configured directly in the interface which makes CANEA Improof a support to grow into for all types of case processes.

The system's usability is remarkable; the user-friendliness and benefits of the system are enormous since it can handle all types of processes - in a single system. The interface is simple and easy-to-use which is a factor for successful introduction.

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Sequence Kinetics™ workflow software enables your organisation to establish, maintain and continually improve efficient and effective BPM processes for better business performance. Sequence Kinetics provides unparalleled HotChange, workflow design and mobility.

Sequence Kinetics enables your organization to:

Design automated, human-centric workflows to replace manual processes and procedures.
Operate processes in a collaborative end-user interface.
Provide data visibility and establish management control over operational processes.
Optimise processes in the interest of continual improvement.
Manage multiple versions of processes in a constantly changing business environment.
Create and operate both PC and Mobile business process applications

Sequence Kinetics is a web-based, enterprise BPM software which can support organisations with hundreds of thousands of employees. We offer a range of deployment options for Sequence Kinetics: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. Sequence Kinetics can be deployed over the Cloud, and users can complete tasks via PC or mobile device

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Project Management

Projects have become a much more common work form. A lot of important work is organised in project form and the results of projects have much more significance. Succeeding with a project is not self-evident. The fact is that many organisations struggle with projects that are delayed, cost more than what was estimated or do not deliver the desired results. CANEA has the expertise, experience and tools to help your organisation succeed with your project!

How can we help you with your project?

Over the years we have worked with project management within many different businesses. We have knowledge and understanding of what is required for a correctly functioning project operation. Regardless of how your project operation looks today or what problems you are dealing with, EBS can help make your project more successful. Together we can make sure that your project is implemented in the best way and has the effect you were hoping for.

To help you in the best way possible we offer a number of different services within the project and project management areas.

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Document Management

Document management can be extremely time-consuming and employees often perceive management systems and storage structures as complex. This also makes the development and introduction of a shared, documented management system more difficult, and creates unnecessary costs in terms of friction when employees cannot find their way through the organisation's shared documentation.

The company's integrated and process-oriented management system and other business information can advantageously be entered into CANEA Docpoint. All development and distribution of documents is quality assured and streamlined whilst at the same time, searching for documents is dramatically simplified. The system manages and structures all types of documents and file formats.

Implementing a Document Management methodology and solution, can be a time-consuming exercise. However, EBS can assist you in getting the methodology set up and solution automated within 2 weeks, allowing your organisation to reap the benefits much quicker at the fraction of the cost of most other solutions.


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Risk Management

By building your Risk and Compliance Management Solution on QPR Metrics and QPR ProcessDesigner software your organization can easier identify, assess, monitor, report and respond to risk, and conveniently demonstrate the quality of control to auditors. QPR based Risk and Compliance Management helps you document and categorize your risks and controls, assign ownership, inform when assessments or tests are due, consolidate assessment scores automatically and ranks risks by risk score.

Unique about the QPR based Risk and Compliance Management Solution is the online collaboration functionality, which allows users to comment and share ideas, report incidents, assign tasks, launch corrective action and track progress. This provides powerful analysis, monitoring and reporting in multiple formats, including Microsoft Office tools.

With QPR powered Risk and Compliance Management you will:

Make your managers and employees significantly more risk and compliance aware
Support managers in making significantly better decisions
Save time and effort in assessing, consolidating, reporting and testing risks and controls
Provide employees with effective tools to support their role and reporting requirements
Facilitate convenient and effective audits
Make risk and compliance management an integrated part of managing your strategy, performance, projects and processes