Sequence Kinetics™ BPM Software

Sequence Kinetics is an Intelligent Business Process Management (BPM) Software Suite which extends Microsoft platforms like SharePoint, Dynamics and Azure with unparalleled workflow and mobile capabilities.

Sequence Kinetics™ workflow software enables your organisation to establish, maintain and continually improve efficient and effective BPM processes for better business performance. Sequence Kinetics provides unparalleled HotChange, workflow design and mobility.

Sequence Kinetics enables your organization to:

  • Design automated, human-centric workflows to replace manual processes and procedures.
  • Operate processes in collaborative end-user interface.
  • Provide data visibility and establish management control over operational processes.
  • Optimise processes in the interest of continual improvement.

Sequence Kinetics
is a web-based, enterprise BPM software which can support organisations with hundreds of thousands of employees. We offer a range of deployment options for Sequence Kinetics: on-premises, managed on-premises, hosted, and SaaS. Sequence Kinetics can be deployed over the Cloud, and users can complete tasks via PC or mobile device.


Process Automation

Sequence Kinetics enables your organisation to develop, deploy and operate automated processes so that:

  • Human and information resources are utilised efficiently
  • Workflows within departments and across functional boundaries are robust and reliable for better results
  • Record keeping and audit trails are reliable and efficient for compliance


Intuitive Process Development Environment



Sequence Kinetics has an intuitive development environment which has been designed to ensure that non-technical and technical users can transform workflow designs quickly and easily into process applications meeting specific requirements.

Workflow components (forms, tasks, messages, system integration, and flow connections) are clearly laid out, easily completed and assembled.

Developers can use advanced Source Control functionality to collaborate on processes.

System Integration

Sequence Kinetics can easily integrate with an extensive range of systems, making its entry into your organisation fast and flawless.  Sequence Kinetics integrates with Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and Dynamics products to ensure that working with Sequence Kinetics processes is, for the majority of our customers, a natural extension of their employees’ daily activities.

Sequence Kinetics integrates with external systems through industry-standard protocols, such example Web Services, WCF, and connections to enterprise applications from vendors such as SAP and Oracle.

HotChange Technology


HotChange™ is a technology coupled with a concept which permeates all levels of Sequence Kinetics as a product.  HotChange means that Sequence Kinetics provides organisations that have high frequency of change with the ability to modify, integrate and distribute their business processes in the fastest possible manner, without having to halt these processes as they continue to run in production. HotChange technology is an inherent aspect of all of Sequence Kinetics’ features, modules and platforms, including:

  • Absolute Version Control
  • Multiple Form Platforms in one click
  • Advanced, rapid integration with CRM/ERP
  • Mobile BPM
  • Cloud Deployment

And much, much more...

Process Operation with Microsoft SharePoint


Sequence Kinetics processes are, by default, initiated, run, managed and monitored from within a Microsoft SharePoint site. Employees can initiate processes from their home page with a single mouse click, then immediately begin implementing process tasks.

Sequence Kinetics users complete process forms as part of the SharePoint Flowtime environment. Sequence Kinetics forms can also be easily integrated into external web applications.

Process Control

Effective control is at the heart of the successful management of business processes.

Sequence Kinetics provides management with the tools to ensure that operational processes are under efficient and effective control.


For high visibility and real time control, Sequence Kinetics enables process owners and managers to create a dashboard relating to KPI. Corrective action can be focused quickly and efficiently.

For MIS requirements, Sequence Kinetics supports integration with Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services to enable managers to analyse performance and determine trends relating to KPIs and SLAs.

Microsoft Outlook Email Interface

To minimise response times and reach employees even when not logged on, Sequence Kinetics process tasks can be sent by Outlook email.  A message contains a hyperlink to a process task, which can be viewed and handled with a single mouse-click. A form that requires a response can be viewed in Outlook.

Mobile BPM


Today’s businesses are increasingly managed offsite, with employees completing their tasks by remote. Process TO GO is a mobile Portal which enables users on=the-go to connect to, initiate and complete their business processes.

Cloud BPM

Cloudworks enables you to build enterprise BPM solutions at zero setup and installation costs.

Instead of the redundancy of multiple local installations, end users and developers alike will enjoy a transparent, Internet-based experience, giving you the flexibility to deliver services and manage changes in an efficient and controlled manner.