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QPR ProcessDesigner

Focus on business process analysis and modelling!

Process Management Software QPR ProcessDesigner offers your organization an efficient and powerful solution to describe, analyze, communicate and improve your processes. Unlike any other process management software, QPR ProcessDesigner is uniquely focused at business users, founded on the premise that effective process management is not possible without their active and continued participation.

QPR ProcessDesigner offers an all-inclusive, multi-user process management environment, capable of supporting multiple methodologies and standards, such as quality management (ISO9000, LEAN, Six Sigma, EFQM), regulatory and standards compliance (SOX, Basel II, Solvency II, ISO14000, OHSAS) as well as methodologies like Malcolm Baldridge, Business Activity Monitoring and Business Process Analysis.

Well over 1000 organizations worldwide trust on QPR ProcessDesigner process management software to continually help them improve their operations and deliver more value to their customers. A process management software that very user-friendly and that offers efficient process design, maintenance and publishing support is essential for achieving that.

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Improve Process Awareness: Choose QPR ProcessDesigner!
Design and maintain process models efficiently
Analyze model assets, their relationships and dependencies instantly
Analyze resource usage and allocation
Integrate your existing documentation, policies and instructions with your process models
Publish process information instantly online
Fix problems effectively with powerful online collaboration
Available in 26 languages and supported locally