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Performance Measurement with QPR Metrics

For process metrics!

Performance Management Software QPR Metrics provides your organization with a fast to implement, flexible, web-based performance management solution. QPR Metrics is capable of supporting multiple management standards, methodologies and initiatives and turns your lenghty, resource-intensive performance reporting cycles into an effective real-time performance management program.

QPR Metrics enhances rich data collection, consolidation, presentation and monitoring features with powerful, online collaboration capabilities. This enables users to add contextual information such as comments and explanations to give managers more than just the numbers to base decisions on. Managers can ensure decisions will be turned into action by assigning tasks and monitoring follow-up!

Over 1500 organizations worldwide use QPR Metrics performance management software daily, for various purposes. From improving the execution of strategy, to boosting performance, assuring quality, mitigating risk, managing project portfolios to ensuring regulatory compliance! All permit their managers to save significant time and effort collecting, consolidating and reporting performance information! 


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Meet Your Targets: Choose QPR Metrics!

Communicate your objectives clearly
Automate creation and distribution of your reports
Standardize your decision making information formats
Get alerted to problems and opportunities
Analyze information and share your findings with colleagues
Fix problems effectively with powerful online collaboration support
Available in 26 languages and supported locally


“Increased our revenue by 15% in the first 4 months after implementation”

Gert Pelser, Chief Operating Officer, Retail Division