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CANEA develops and implements IT solutions for Project and Portfolio Management, Management Systems, Workflow and Process Modeling. Our solutions are characterized by easy-to-use interfaces, innovative functionality and flexible configuration.

Product family: CANEA Framework

CANEA Framework consists of different modules that can be used alone or in combination:

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CANEA Docpoint
The Document management system that makes information easily accessible and supports the full document life cycle. Ideal for handling a process-oriented management system.

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CANEA Improof
A workflow solution and improvement tool that streamlines and quality assures many types of administrative processes in one solution.

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CANEA Projects
The new generation's project, portfolio and resource management system with support for the whole project organization.

There are many reasons to choose CANEA's IT solutions. We are a comprehensive supplier with in-depth understanding of how to get the benefit from IT in a business in the best way. CANEA has developed the program family, CANEA Framework, over 15 years and today has many satisfied customers within all industries. CANEA Framework is characterised by:

image tile (3)Integrated solution

CANEA offers a comprehensive solution for both Management Systems, Process Management and Project Management. Integrates with MS Sharepoint.

image tile (4)Innovative functionality

Our program family contains several examples of innovative features that were developed together with our customers to create maximum benefit - with the user in the centre.

image tile (5)Easy-to-use web interface

Information just a click away. An easy-to-use interface for end users is our highest priority. We also focus on the user experience to create the right feeling for the user.

image tile (6)Flexible configuration

During development of the solution we have created a very high flexibility in the architecture of the solution. This means that it is very easy to configure workflows, forms and business rules.

image tile (7)Modern technology

We use modern technology to fulfil today's demands on user-friendly, secure and scalable web applications with good performance.