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SAMSA delivers four main outputs consistent with its mandate and responsibilities:
•Safety and environment protection standards for responsible maritime transport operations;
•An infrastructure for monitoring and enforcing compliance with safety and environment protection  standards;
•The capability to respond to marine pollution incidents and other maritime emergencies; and
•The capability to detect, locate and rescue people in maritime distress situations

QPR Metrics is used to Manage and Measure the performance of the Executives, Departments, Maritime Ports, incidents and all risk throughout the Organization. The performance of their projects are also managed in QPR.

We are currently implementing their People Performance in QPR.

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Mine Health and Safety Council

The reporting of the performance of MHSC against their objectives as required by the South African Government has been automated with QPR. Organisational Performance down to departmental level has been implemented in QPR. Reports are automated via the QPR MS Word add-on. The performance measurement and contracts of the MHSC staff has also been automated into the QPR system.. This allows for real time monitoring of people performance as well as talent management.