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City of Tshwane

As one of the largest Metropolitan Municipalities in South Africa, Tshwane is using QPR to track their performance against the IDP and SDBIP. Departmental Scorecards provides insight into the deliverables against the SDBIP Objective Targets. Project Dashboards are tracking the performance against timelines and budgets across the whole organisation an d is also linked to the departmental scorecards.



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City of Windhoek

As the biggest Municipality in Namibia, the City of Windhoek makes use of the QPR Metrics Module to track and report on their Performance indicators across the organisation. The integration into e-Venus, allows for automatic updates of financial indicators in the relevant scorecards.

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Merafong Local Municipality

Merafong has been using QPR for a number of years and are tracking performance Against the IDP and SDBIP. Departmental performance is also tracked. Generation of their Quarterly Performance Report has been automated via the QPR Word add-on that allows for the automatic report generation in a MS Word Format. Merafong has received accolade of being one of the best Performance Manages Municipalities in South Africa.

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Maluti-A-Phofung Municipality

QPR is uitlised to automate the measurement and reporting of the IDP, SDBIP and Departmental Scorecards. Maluti Water is also making use of QPR Metrics to measure the performance of their strategic objectives.

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Emfuleni Local Municipality