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Nedbank Capital provides full-spectrum investment banking, offering integrated solutions to many clients through their structuring, lending, underwriting and trading businesses. QlikView is currently implemented in various areas within Nedbank Capital. Current solutions include KPI and Performance tracking, Risk Analysis, Financial Statements and more. EBS provides support and insight to the current implementation. The QlikView infrastructure and documents is growing at a tremendous rate within Nedbank Capital.

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South African Police Service Medical Scheme (POLMED), is a closed medical scheme registered under the Medical Schemes Act (Act 131 of 1998). Only employees of the South African Police Service (SAPS) appointed under the South African Police Service Act (Act 68 of 1995) and their dependants are eligible to be members of POLMED. POLMED is administered by Metropolitan Health Group (MHG), the largest administrator of medical schemes in South Africa.

Data from MHG is transformed and analysed using QlikView. EBS has played a huge role in the support, maintenance and improvement of the QlikView environment at POLMED.

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Customers - Finance 3

Real People

EBS assisted Real People to automate the measurement of their sales staff across all their branches. Not only does this assist sales consultants to track how they are selling against their targets, it also calculates their incentives on a daily basis. Management now has a clear view of how they are achieving their sales targets on a daily basis. Real People grew their revenue with more than 15% during the first 6 months after implementation.


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Standard Bank

With more than 10,000 Scorecards and approximately 14,000 users, Standard Bank is the largest user of QPR in the World. The QPR Metrics Module is used to track Strategy, operations, People performance an d Six Sigma Benefit realisation.   QPR Process are being used for mapping all the back office processes.

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