Company Overview

The drive to continuously improve business, and optimise performance, creates an additional burden on current business processes and technology infrastructure, and need to be designed cautiously. This entails that businesses need to think how they are going to realise their strategic objectives in such a way that they can optimise their infrastructure and resources as well as make strategic decisions about core and non-core businesses and the impact thereof on the day-to-day operations of their business

Founded in 2002, Executive Business Solutions has a suite of business solutions and consulting services that provides access to accurate, real-time information enabling an organization to successfully execute strategic business objectives whilst increasing levels of user knowledge, and enhancing overall productivity. Organizations can extend the reach of this information, in the form of business applications, whenever, wherever, and however they may be needed - from wireless to the web - consolidating a strategic advantage over competitors. As part of this drive, businesses have to execute their initiatives and projects. Executive Business Solutions assists organisations to effectively run their projects across the enterprise.

As a Learning Organisation, EBS is conscious of continuously enhancing the skills of our staff thus ensuring that our customers gets the best services and support.

At EBS, our attitude and strategy towards achieving meaningful transformation is close to out hearts. We aim to create a culture that embraces openness, fairness and diversity. We want this culture to be a tangible, everyday reality for our employees, customers, stakeholders and the customers we serve.

EBS has achieved a level 2 black empowerment rating.

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